Dentist Helps You Understand Dental Pain

Dentist says "pain has always been a major issue with dentistry".

The fear of pain in dentistry is so high in fact, that many people fail to go to a dentist until their condition becomes so bad that they have no other choice than to see a dentist. A majority of individuals are terrified of the dental chair, although once they are numb, they sometimes fall asleep. Sedation also helps with the numbing shots, and once they are finished – there is literally no more pain.

Most often, people will concentrate on the thought of getting the shot, which will only magnify the pain. If you are already in pain when you visit your dentist, the shots will put your mind at ease and stop the pain almost immediately.

If you have a tremendous fear of dental pain and simply can not stand the thought of getting a shot, then you may be interested in laughing gas or IV sedation. Either of the two can help you relax before you the dentist applies numbing shots. IV sedation can either be conscious or put you out totally. Normally, IV sedation is preferred during wisdom teeth removal, as most people don't want to hear the grinding and snapping of the teeth. It works through your veins, as the anesthesia is inserted into your arm through a vein.



If you have chosen either laughing gas or an IV sedation, your dentist will administer either of the two before he gives you shots or goes any further. Once the medicine has taken effect, you normally won't feel anything or remember it. Laughing gas and IV sedation can put your mind at ease, so you won't be uncomfortable during your surgery or extractions.

Dental pain is something that many fear, it isn't near as bad as they may think. Dental pain isn't near as bad you may think or hear – which is why you shouldn't fear it.

Your Dentist Should Explain Options.

If you need dental work or if you are having a bad toothache, you shouldn't hesitate to get to the dentist. The Greensboro dentist will explain everything he is going to do in your treatment, and ask you about other forms of sedation or medicine. Even though you "ll feel the shots, the rest of the procedures you won't feel at all.

If you are already in pain when you visit your dentist, the shots will put your mind at ease and stop the pain almost immediately.

If you have a tremendous fear of dental pain and simply can not stand the thought of getting a shot, then you may be interested in laughing gas or IV sedation.


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Greensboro Dentist and Personal Dental Care

You First, Before The Dentist



Basic personal dental care such as brushing and flossing are enough to maintain your teeth. Dentists are only for treating and curing abnormalities and diseases of the mouth, as well as for giving regular oral prophylaxis at least twice a year.


If you just depend on your dentist for the hygiene of your mouth, you would surely be spending a lot of money. As they say, prevention is best cure.


Dentist Providing Movie Star Smiles


Smile Like A Movie Star A lot of people dream of having that Julia Roberts million dollar smile. It's not actually difficult to achieve that kind of smile. As long as you maintain proper personal hygiene and regularly visit your dentist, it won't be long before you achieve your very own movie star-like smile.


However, if you are not blessed with straight and perfectly shaped teeth, do not lose hope! You can still achieve your very own million dollar smile – that is, if you can afford to spend some money to "repair" your teeth.


Most movie stars who seem to have brilliant pearly whites weren't exactly born with those set of teeth. About 80% of the celebrities in the movie industries have undergone some type of teeth enhancing or teeth restructuring just so they can flash their perfect smiles on screen.


Although having one's teeth look exactly like those seen on TV can be a little bit expensive, if you can afford it, then go ahead.


However, these kind of processes and procedures still require healthy teeth as a base or foundation.


A Greensboro Dentist won't generally go follow through with a procedure if it is known that the original teeth are brittle or damaged.


Before enhancing one's teeth and making it look like a movie star's, dentists would still go back to the basics and repair the damaged or decayed set of the original teeth.



A Fence For Teeth.  Teenagers are usually the ones who are commonly seen with braces but there are also a great number of adults who can be seen wearing braces.  Wearing braces can be quite awkward and can make one feel as if his or her teeth has a fence around it, braces are actually very effective in aligning crooked teeth. People who have crooked teeth can still achieve their million dollar smile by having their teeth put in braces.




The duration of the wearing braces depends on the severity of the crookedness of the teeth. When the braces are taken off retainers have to be worn in replace of the braces. Retainers need to be worn to reinforce the alignment of the teeth.






Teeth Whitening: Do It The Professional Way

There is a popular saying that goes like this, "Smile and the world smiles with you." There is no doubt that a beautiful smile radiates infectiously to others. Let us put an emphasis on the word beautiful. How does one possess a beautiful smile? Of course you have to agree that heredity cannot be singled out. Lifestyle and attitude also play part in the maintenance or even having a sweet smile.


But what if you can not incorporate a do-it-yourself way to your busy lifestyle so as to have a smile makeover transform your simple smile into a rather healthy and "infectious" one? In this case, a professional treatment by a Greensboro dentist might be the best remedy.


The following article provides an appraisal of a professional teeth whitening system usually provided and conducted by Greensboro dentists.


Professional teeth whitening is a technique by which whitening compounds that are peroxide based are applied to teeth by dentists within their dental office. Laser teeth whitening is the common practice of dentist to whiten teeth stained by nicotine, food, or even liquids.


Peroxide-based whitening compounds usually depend on two factors:


1. The concentration of peroxide in a whitening compound 


2. The amount of time a whitener is put in contact in the surface of the teeth


Laser teeth whitening utilize a higher concentration of whitener for a shorter period of time, say for hours or for few appointments.


The whitening compounds and associated equipment (bleaching light or laser) used by some dentists are normally purchased from a manufacturer as a franchise, system, or simply as a kit. In fact, many manufacturers have provided national campaigns about their whitening products and equipment, and dentists play a vital part in the promotion of a manufacturer's product because they are actually using the product on their patients.


Below is a list of some professional whitening products dentists and some professionals choose. (The kind of bleaching laser or light is enclosed in parentheses.)


1. BriteSmile (gas plasma light/light emitting diode)


2. LaserSmile (a Biolase laser)


3. LumaArch (halogen light)


4. Rembrandt Sapphire (plasma arc light)


5. Zoom! (metal halide light)


6. Venus Teeth Whitening System (No Light Necessary) We highly recommend this process. No light mean lower cost to provide the service.


Each of these whitening systems has its own degree of effectiveness. However, we can summarize three standard steps when using these types of products.


1. The dentist will compare the tooth shade of the patient with a tooth shade guide. Surface stain and tartar are removed before determining the tooth shade. A dentist needs to document a pre-treatment and a post-treatment tooth shade to assess the effectiveness of the whitening treatment system applied. A dentist may make use of variously shaded tooth-shaped porcelain tabs and compare them to a patient's set of teeth and each match is documented. Some dentists even take pictures of a patient's teeth before and after the treatment.


Flour of pumice is used to polish each tooth to ensure that stains are completely removed.


2. The dentist will isolate teeth being whitened.


Bleaching agents, normally peroxide-based, can irritate or even damage delicate tissues within and inside mouth of patients. To protect these tissues, dentist use dental dam barriers.


Thin sheet of latex punched with a hole for each tooth and dental gels painted around each tooth are used to protect teeth being treated. When the latter is used, a cheek retractor, cotton rolls and gauze are used to make sure that the patient's lips and cheeks are held out of the way. Afterwards, these items are simply peeled off.


3. Bib covering and eye protection are placed on the patient.


Unexpected things can happen. Bibs are worn by patients to protect their skin against the caustic nature of these bleaching agents.


Eye protection is also placed to ensure that whiteners will not irritate even the eyes of the patients. Moreover, it is a common knowledge that an intense bleaching light or a laser used to activate the components of bleaching compounds could cause eye damage.


What else can I do if I have undergone professional whitening?


To get rid of typical stains—the coffee and cigarette variety—can be washed away alternately with professional whitening systems. Here are some additional tips:


Munch on some apple and drink water afterwards.


Brush after every meal to have a less chance of keeping stains on your teeth. Brush gently but effectively by using a dentist-approved toothpaste and toothbrush. Practice the correct ways of brushing.


Researches on dentistry note that an electric toothbrush removes a plaque percentage that is about 98.2 percent.


Gargle with a mouthwash that has an antibacterial action. This practice will surely will reduce stain-catching plaque.


Don't depend on quick-fix remedies like using super-whitening tooth polishes because these also make the enamel of teeth thinner. And as enamel gets thinner, more of the dentin will show off making your teeth appear as heavily stained.


To put it simply, here are some reasons why you should or why shouldn't  choose professional whitening systems.


1. The effect can be seen instantly.


2. The whitening can be completed in just a few appointments (possibly even just one).


3. Professional teeth whitening remedies cost more than do-it-yourself teeth whitening items.


Hope this article brightens your smile!

Getting Over Your Fear Of The Dentist

Dental anxiety or fearing the dentist is a problem that many people have, and something that is somewhat difficult to overcome. This fear normally prevents rational people from visiting the dentist and maintaining the health of their teeth. The key to keeping your teeth healthy is to prevent problems before they start. Those who suffer from dental anxiety will try to avoid going to the dentist, which results in problems.


When someone who suffers from dental anxiety finally goes to the dentist, they normally find that even the smallest of problems can turn serious and require a lot of work and intervention from the dentist. Even though you may not realize it, regular cleaning visits to your dentist is the best way to keep your teeth healthy, and prevent problems such as decay and cavities.


You can use several techniques to overcome dental anxiety. Some of the techniques require mild sedatives, also referred to as sedation. Sedation is a way to relax, given by breathing or IV (Intra Vein) through a vein in your arm. Sedation will help you to calm down, although you will normally be awake to answer questions or talk to your dentist.


Some people who suffer from dental anxiety have had bad experiences. Any type of negative dental experience will normally result in emotional scarring and last for years. Anything that results in negative feelings for the patient will normally cause them to feel in a negative way toward the entire dental profession. Although all dentists aren't bad – a negative experience will certainly make a patient feel that way.


When you look fora dentist, you should always ask your family and friends who they use, and who they recommend. When you visit a dentist, you shouldn't hesitate to ask him any questions that come to mind, so you can be more relaxed. You should always keep in mind that you are customer, and the dentist is the one who needs to make you feel relaxed. Never should you feel intimidated, as the best dentists will do everything they can to establish a sense of trust.


Establishing trust is very important with the patient/dentist relationship. You"ll be going to your dentist on a frequent basis, so you"ll want to be sure that you can trust him. When you go to your dentist for the first time, you should let him know about your dental anxiety. If he isn't willing to talk about it with you or do things to help you relax, you should look into a new dentist.


You can always tell who the better dentists are by the type of facilities they have. Dentists who have a lot of customers or nice offices, have established themselves and proved that they are indeed the best. If a dentist has a lot of customers, it lets you know that he has them for a reason. People that are satisfied with a dentist, normally return.


If you suffer from dental anxiety, you should always let your dentist know in advance. This way, he work with you to overcome your fear. Over time, you"ll find that you can overcome your fear and establish a great relationship with your dentist. You can get over your fear of dentists, no matter how bad your fear may be. It will take you some time, although your dentist should be willing to work with you. Before you know it, you"ll be over your fear and more than willing to go to your dentist.


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Crowns And Bridging

Greensboro Dentists: Crown and bridge teeth restorations are durable and look nice. They don't just help improve your smile by capping or replacing damaged teeth, they also help with teeth function. Crowns and bridges are used to restore damaged or missing teeth. It doesn't matter how bad your teeth are damaged a crown and bridge restoration can provide give you that beautiful and functional smile again.

Appearance of someones smile can be a major influence to building confidence, and can also be extremely important to have the treatment started sooner rather than later.  A single missing tooth, it can affect the surrounding teeth and can cause them to shift and cause gaps. This can result in the inability to speak and eat correctly. And this is where dental crowns and bridges can help.

Crowns are restorations that are placed over a tooth when there is not enough tooth to correct, this will restore the renew the tooth's functional problem due to being worn or damaged. A bridge is a replacement for missing teeth. The bridge is where 2 crowns are placed on either side of the missing tooth, so that it can be fixed with a replacement tooth or teeth. Another type of bridge consists of the replacement tooth being attached to the adjacent teeth. Dental implants may also be used to support a bridge.

We provide crowns and bridges that are made entirely from tooth colored materials so that they fit into your mouth with a beautiful appearance.


Crowns enhance appearance needs and restore tooth function so you can live your life normally. Improve your smile with a porcelain or tooth-colored crown by replacing older crowns that have become damaged over time. A crown can also be used after a root canal has been performed. A crown is placed over the tooth to help maintain the function of the tooth.


Bridges are used to restore missing teeth. Bridges keep surrounding teeth from shifting into the area missing teeth which can create additional problems both appearance and function. Doesn't matter if natural teeth or implants are supporting, bridges can offer natural appearance and firm chewing surfaces.


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Greensboro Dentist – Dental Emergencies

Greensboro Emergency Dentist: As we all know, toothaches and any type of oral injury can be extremely painful and should be seen by  your Greensboro Dentist immediately. These emergencies include broken teeth, teeth that have been knocked out, or teeth that have been forced out of the socket.

If you’ve got a fractured tooth, the treatment will all depend upon how bad the booth has been fractured.  No matter how light the fracture may be, it is very important that you get to a dentist in Greensboro as soon as you can. 


The more moderate fractures, normally include damage to the dentin, pulp, and even the enamel.  These fractures can be nothing to worry about at times, yet painful with other cases.  Providing the pulp hasn’t been damaged, your dentist will be able to restore the full shape and function to the fractured tooth.  In cases where pulp damage has occurred, the dentist may need to do a root canal or other type of serious surgery to repair the tooth.

Whenever you encounter a dental emergency, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact your dentist immediately.  Your Greensboro dentist should be able to assist you, fix the problem, and stop the pain.  Dental emergencies can happen at any time, so you should always keep the emergency number of your dentist in a place you'll remember for when and if you ever need them.  Tooth pain can be very excruciating – and you’ll obviously want to get the problem taken care of as soon as possible.


Understanding Toothaches

Greensboro Dentist:  As we all know, toothaches are the result of several different factors.  The pain that stems from a toothache is always apparent, normally in the form of throbbing.  The pain will normally intensify as time goes by, when you eat, lay down, or drink hot/cold liquids.  Toothaches are very painful, and it may seem that no matter what you do – it seems to hurt more.

In the Greensboro dental world, toothaches can include such things as cavities, infections or abscess in the teeth or gums, debris that has been trapped between the teeth and gums, and trauma to the face, teeth, or the jaw.  Sometimes, toothaches can result from medical conditions and have nothing to do with dental.  In most cases, if the problem goes without being checked, it can lead to serious trouble and maybe even become a life threatening situation.

Normally, when you have a toothache, you’ll experience tremendous pain.  The pain will stem from the affected tooth or the jaw, and you’ll know it almost immediately.  It will start out to be a throbbing pain, then continue to get worse and worse until you get it treated.  If you wait too long and allow the infection to spread throughout the tooth, you’ll end up having to get it pulled or cut out.

Anytime you start to experience a toothache, you shouldn’t hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist to have it checked.  Sometimes, getting an appointment when your tooth starts hurting is easier said than done.  Even though you may be able to use certain products to stop the pain, the pain will always come back until you get the problem fixed.  A toothache will always come back, until you get the tooth taken care of.

If you visit your Greensboro dentist in time and he catches the problem early, he may be able to save your tooth.  Normally, this will result in a filling, crown, or root canal, although you won’t have to have the tooth removed.  Greensboro Dentists most always look to save teeth, as they don’t like to remove a tooth unless they absolutely have to.  If the tooth has become abscessed, the Greensboro dentist will put you on antibiotics such as penicillin until the infection has subsided enough to remove the tooth.

Throughout our lives, most of us will experience the pain and agony of a toothache at some point.  A toothache can be the worst pain you have ever felt in your life, especially if you are feeling the pain of an abscess.  If you’ve never had a toothache, you should consider yourself lucky.  Those who have had toothaches though, will tell you that the pain is something you never want to experience – it will make you feel as if your whole world is falling apart.


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Great Dentist I highly recommend
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Dr Sullivan and staff are great. They have a comfortable and at home feeling. If you have any fears even with having just your teeth cleaned, they have a way to help you relax.

Dr. Sullivan and his staff are great.
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